Outer Space Shadow Puppets

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  • $17.00

 Shadow puppets are a delightful, tech-free activity—something you can do with your children while camping, hanging out in a blanket fort, or storytelling before bedtime. Our Outer Space Shadow Puppets are great fun for all ages.

Conduct your own Shadow Puppet show with these adorable Shadow Puppets from Wildflower Toys. With a flashlight , or smartphone,  and a little imagination, they also make fabulous props for bedtime stories! Each puppet is made of thick 100lb black cardstock, with a wooden holding stick. Set includes 10 wooden holding sticks with metal clip, over 12 shadow puppets including astronauts, aliens, spaceships, planets and more. 

  • Made in the USA of heavyweight 100lb cardstock
  • Includes more than 12 shadow puppets including astronauts, aliens, spaceships, planets and more.
    • Set comes with 10 wooden holding sticks with metal clips
    • Complete the collection with other shadow puppets in the series.
    • Have fun at bedtime with a bedtime light and a blank wall and create your own bedtime stories.

    Made in the USA

     Find instructions for a DIY Shadow Puppet Theater here-

    DIY Shadow Puppet theater



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