Our Commitment to Made in America

American flag

Here at Wildflower Toys we are committed to American Made. All our products are made by us in northern California and we strive to source the highest quality and safest American made materials for our products.

We use safe, American made felt for our fairy dolls, craft kits and felt shapes. Our dollhouse dolls are also made with USA made wool felt.

Our wooden peg dolls and pieces are made in the beautiful state of Maine and the yarn we use is from 100% American cotton. 

We also use a quality poli-fil stuffing for several of our kits and that is also made in the USA.

All paints used for doll faces and our kits are American made as well.

**We chose to use Aleene's tacky glue in our kits as it is a safe, quality glue that is made in America. However, it was recently brought to our attention that their small bottles of glue that we use are packaged in China. We reached out to the company and were told that while the glue is the same as their larger, Made in America bottles, the small ones are indeed bottled in China. We are in the prosses of trying to source another American made glue.

 As always, we will continue to source safe, quality, American Made materials for all our products so you can feel confident in the items you purchase. 

Thank you for your continued support of small USA companies.