Math Gnome Set

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Math Gnomes are traditionally used in Waldorf math education, but they would make a lovely addition to any learning style.

 Our Math Gnome Set is great for little ones just starting to learn their numbers and math. Use the math gnomes to make equations for a fun new way to learn math.

 Every gnome has his own math symbol and specific color assigned to him - addition is green, subtraction is blue, multiplication is yellow while division is red. King equal is dressed in purple with a gold trimmed hat.


Each set is complete with 5 gnomes. King Equals, Times, Divide, Plus and Minus, 10 each of blue and green glass counting jewels, 10 small quartz stones and 10 hand painted toadstools, numbered 0-9.

Each gnome is made out of wood and hand painted and sealed with non toxic acrylic paints and sealer.

Gnomes stand 2.5 inches tall (4" to the top of hat.) and have wool felt hats.
The toadstools are approx 1 inch tall by 1 1/4 inches wide.

For some great ideas on using Math Gnomes for learning check out Serendipity's post- Gnomes and Gnumbers: A Mathematical Tale