Gladiolus August Birthday Doll

Wildflower Toys ™

  • $22.00

The Gladiolus or 'sword lily', represents remembrance, calm and integrity. Our August birthday doll is a sweet representation of this lovely flower. Dressed in a pink flower petal skirt with a green top and sparkly buttons she stands at 3 1/4 inches tall.
She is the perfect garden companion and is sure to be a treasured birthday gift.
**Please Note** This miniature doll has small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years of age or who still like to munch on toys.

*Clothing is not removable*
Dolls are made of double strands of wire, wrapped with yarn for strength and durability. We put the utmost care into making our dolls as strong as possible. However, please note that excessive twisting can cause the wire to weaken.
**These Waldorf inspired dolls are handmade, not mass produced so there are slight variations to the face and such.**
Here at Wildflower Innocence we are firm believers in American Made. We know that our country was built on small business and that jobs shipped abroad almost never return. When you buy goods made in the USA, you help keep the American economy growing and strong. Thank you for choosing Made in America!